Anglais talk! team 2 (b2)

Welcome to English Conversation! Through exposure to authentic materials, including articles, podcasts and videos, we will practice new words in context and enhance linguistic accuracy. We will talk about different topics to develop confidence and fluency in spoken English. Going to the cinema and reading a book will help you explore the rich diversity of English culture. Join us on this adventure to unlock the wonders of the English language and become confident communicators!
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My studies as a translator, coupled with my passion for languages (CELTA certified ESLTeacher) and eagerness to share the enthusiasm that comes from learning a new language have led me to teaching at Culture and Rencontre, where I have been for the past 10 years. Drawing not only from my academic background but also from my travel experiences, books and films, I strive to make classes not only instructive, but also fun and enjoyable. I like to welcome students with a big smile and I am always excited to accompany them on the journey that is the English language.
Enseignant: Chantal Park
Date: Cours à l'année
Horaire: lundi 19h15-20h45
Lieu: Saussure
Alternative enseignement à distance: oui
Se référer aux conditions générales
Prix: CHF 475.- (réduit CHF 310.-), sem CHF 255.- (réduit CHF 170.-)
Nombre de places: 12