Anglais talk! team 3 (b1.2)

This conversation class focuses on speaking, fluency and pronunciation. Through the art of small talk you will be able to engage in light and easy conversation.  We will talk about a wide variety of topics. I usually prepare a series of questions to get you talking with a partner. We also read short texts. Part of the session will be dedicated to consolidating grammar.
Pour en savoir plus sur le cours ou sur votre niveau, n’hésitez pas à contacter l’enseignante.

Teaching adults, for more than twenty years,  I enjoy sharing relevant information (vocabulary and grammar) about the language.  I first try to find out what motivates a student to learn the language, whether it is for work, for pleasure or to be able to communicate with loved ones . I am Irish, English is my father tongue, and I have studied English literature at university.
Enseignant: Anne-C. Connolly
Date: Cours à l'année
Horaire: lundi 17h30-19h
Lieu: Saussure
Alternative enseignement à distance: oui
Se référer aux conditions générales
Prix: CHF 475.- (réduit CHF 310.-), sem CHF 255.- (réduit CHF 170.-)
Nombre de places: 12